About Us


We are a church dedicated to serving the Lord and helping those in need. It's our mission to help the less fortunate, empower believers, and serve our community through the power of God. We invite everyone in the community to explore their faith by joining us in weekly worship and upcoming events.

In addition to Sunday worship and weekly prayer services, we offer a wide range of ministries and outreach programs for the community. We help people of all ages and backgrounds transform their lives through Christ.

Love must be sincere.
Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.
Romans 12:9

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Pastor – “Lady C Skelton” is the faithful wife of Dr. Skelton for 39 years. Lady C is a gracious and loving mother to her children. She embraces the clarion call to support her husband in ministry and her works of excellence, dedication, and loving-kindness speaks for itself. She is a licensed ordained minister who has acquired her Associate Degree and Honorary Doctorate Degree in Theology. Lady C is virtuous because she is spirit-minded. She not only dedicates time to those within the SOLC’s house of faith, Lady C labors to aid other ministries to become triumphant in their work in Houston, Louisiana, Detroit, Ohio, and Lagos Nigeria.

Lady C respectfully serves as the force of courage that stands strong as she obeys the calling of God. She is industrious and keen on thinking outside of the box as she aids in resolving issues. She is considered as a woman of refined good taste in dress, speech, and she is an astute businesswoman exhibiting the spirit of grace and hospitality to those in her company.

As pastor and founder of Spirit of Life, she believes in self-discipline and keeping all things prepared and presented decent and in order. She delivers profound life-changing lessons to the Women of Royal Destiny, an organization developed to show women how they are cared for and loved by God as helpmates, mothers, and followers of Christ. She believes in excellence and continuously looks for the skills of others to help fulfill our spiritual duties within the ministry. She strongly believes that the works for God and His people must be managed and tended to according to biblical principles and specific guidelines from the pastor. She sets a profound example as a “mother” not only in her home but also among all the members under her care. Within each era of developing Spirit of Life Church into the “place where people can start over,” the works of her hands and her wisdom are noticeable and continued.